Image Metadata

The metadata that automatically comes with every image that you put on your website can make a huge difference in your search engine optimization opportunities. The image metadata is what creates an easy index feature for the major search engines. If a piece of content is easy to index, then it will show up more readily in the major search engine results.

Image metadata can be changed to fit your needs as precisely as you want. Just as with web pages as a whole, each image can have its own keyword phrasing. It can include localization and segmentation within a single SEO campaign if need be.

Changing Your Image Metadata

If you need to change your image metadata, then you should first look into the iPhoto program and app if you have a Mac. Although most photo editing programs do not have the ability to edit the metadata on an image, iPhoto is a conspicuous counter to this trend. If you do not run your images on a Mac or you do not have iPhoto, then you can change your image metadata using a number of independent programs that are made specifically for that purpose.

Look for a “photo metadata” reader when you are trying to find the program type that will give you the easiest access to your metadata.

Why to Change Your Image Metadata

First of all, you are making sure that people can find your work more readily. On art sites such as DeviantArt, the metadata from your image is included on the page with your work. Viewing this data allows people to index your content more readily, giving you a much better chance of being found by people who are actually looking for your work.

Secondly, getting the metadata on your image correct serves as a great time marker. If you are taking pictures for personal use, then you definitely want to know the time and the date when the picture was taken for posterity. Taking just a short amount of time to edit the metadata on that image can ensure that it is kept properly for as long as you keep pictures.

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