Geotagging Images

Geotagging pictures is a process not done by most people online, but the geotagging process provides information that helps in the recovery of images. Geotagging helps with searches, marketing placement and organization of important photographs. This article explains how you should geotag each picture for your own benefit.

What Does Geotagging Do?

Geotagging inserts metadata for latitude and longitude for each picture. The latitude and longitude produce a physical location for the image, and that location can be shown in a caption. You can enter the approximate location of the image, and a geotagging program will help you find the exact spot where the picture was taken.

Why Do You Need Geotagging?

Geotagging gives location specific information for every image that is used for marketing, filing and design. You can find images taken from a specific location on the planet for your next blog post, or you can show specific pictures to people in specific places around the world.

World travelers may take so many pictures that a collection can grow quickly. Geotagging helps travelers search their pictures easily, and geotagging can be used in a stock image catalog. You are opening up the images to searches from any person who needs access to the pictures.

Creating Maps

Cartography has changed greatly in the past decade. People who travel the world can create exact maps of their adventures, and those maps can use geotagging to create points for each destination on the map. You may create blog posts based on the geotags in your pictures, and people who search for locations near your own destinations will find your pictures or writing. You are making your projects more accessible to people around the world with simple geographic information.

Instant Sharing

Geotagging allows for instant sharing of pictures with people who closest to where you took the picture. You could take a picture of a pub in a far away land, and the geotags will help people in the area find you. You can invite everyone to the pub, and every person who searched for the location of the picture will find your picture in a search engine. Geotagging will connect you with people from all over the world if you want it to.

You may use geotagging to file your pictures, attach them to your blog posts or invite friends on the trip of a lifetime. You may convert a small amount of geographic information into a beacon that will bring people to your location instantly. You may create an exact map of your adventures, or you can use geotags to start a scavenger hunt that could take you anywhere in the world. Enter each tag properly for maximum effect.

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